Slightly neurotic, easy going

2013-01-20 21.54.14

This is another found text poem along the same theme as the previous post, this time using only the first lines of women’s online dating profiles. Again, the line breaks are mine, otherwise the sentences are copied and pasted from the profiles.


Slightly neurotic, easy going.


Well, where to begin. Born

and raised in the center

of the universe. Interested,

I suppose. Slightly neurotic, easy going

girl..err, woman, with

too much charm

for the average person to handle. Rabbit

rescuer. By day, I’m a


accountant. Once I was a pig

farmer in Italy. I am a transplant. I have all

my limbs. I have

a weakness

for tattoos and dimples, but neither

are necessary. When I was young

I wanted

to be a trapeze artist or

a taxi driver. Basically,

I spend 90% of my life feeling like I’ve got this adulthood thing


and the other 10%

eating nachos for dinner

three nights in a row. What is anyone


with their lives?


30 thoughts on “Slightly neurotic, easy going

  1. I just love the idea of taking lines from a dating platform and making it to a poem. It’s both hilarious and somewhat deep.
    How do you decide when to break lines? Is it just a feeling or do you follow a certain pattern?

    • It’s partially intuition/a gut feeling, but it’s also an intention to keep the reader engaged and pleasantly surprised, so I often break between unusual pairings or between words that you might expect to be followed by one thing, but are not.

  2. It’s scary how many of those one-liners seem to fit my profile…eek. Except maybe rabbit rescuer and pig farmer….of wait, I did raise a pig once, but not in Italy. 😀

    • I would be more than happy for these poems to be shared on other sites, as long as I’m given full credit like you said. I am all about sharing and also all about giving credit. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

      (I would also be curious what other sites it was being shared on, mostly because it’s interesting for me to see what audience my poetry draws)

  3. I think you could start your own poetry inspired dating site crusade of connecting! Picking through profiles, comments and writers seeding love in the process. Get on IT!
    Love your work.

    I am in Australia – at times like this is explains everything

    My saddle is waiting,
    2014 is the shiz,
    the search begins,
    here fishy fishy fishy
    these pretzels are making me thirsty,
    I don’t wanna go back to work
    truck driver/dad/man-child
    Stop…Hammer Time!
    (unless he IS a serial killer!! – it just don’t cut it!)

    Inspiring – thank you!

  4. The 90-10 comparison made me laugh! Probably because I can relate! I’ve always said I’ll never be 100% “grown up”… nope. There will always be the little girl inside of me clawing her way to the surface and poking her head out every now and again. Interestingly, I’m a woman, but I think the male version of the poem spoke to me more than the female. Not worried, though… I’ve always found it easier to speak to men than women. 🙂

  5. Oh do I ever relate to “nacho” girl…haha. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing. Keep coming up with unique ideas like this one and the male version…loved them both!

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