Against the Sky

There’s the tight
hum, the high-pitched, incessant
from the TV, even on mute. It follows
me through
the apartment like a headache
even after I have turned
it off, turned away and
strode, purposefully, into
the kitchen. I turn it off to turn my
self back on, to acknowledge
my hands, to hear my
thoughts and notice the sun just
winking out of sight beyond
the fire escape, escaping these
final hours of the day. It’s
when I turn the lights off, too,
that my eyes
can finally find
the moon and trace
the tree tops,
that simple latticework of leaf, dark
against the sky, quiet
above the rooftops,
moving steadily with the wind.

2 thoughts on “Against the Sky

    • Thanks so much, but I’m hardly in a position to give other people advice. 🙂 I’d just say keep reading and writing and experimenting!

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