On your Birthday

I’d like to write you

a poem. I would tell you how much

chocolate I would give

away to save you from the threat

of a dessertless meal. I might measure

my love in heartbeats; the ones

I can hear with my ear against

your chest, the ones

you gave me, and the many

yet to come. This hypothetical

poem would probably be brief, in part

because my attention span

is short (did I get that from you?) and

also because I’d like to finish

by 3:00. But before I write the final line,

I should remind you

how deeply

you are loved and how

privileged I have been

to know you

all my life.

2013-01-19 15.19.11


7 thoughts on “On your Birthday

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  2. I just tripped over your found poetry on the single male and stayed to enjoy all the rest… but this one is one of my favorites. I love your use of language and metaphor to play with thoughts, feelings, and depth of souls. Beautiful!

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