Tiddley Pom

I recently spent several days going through boxes in my mom’s barn with her and my siblings. Among the many treasures we unearthed in the process was this “story” – a poem I wrote (or dictated, rather) when I was four years old. This is no example of child genius or anything- I just found it amusing, so I thought I’d share. (the title is no doubt inspired by “The More is Snows” from the original Winnie the Pooh books, of which I was definitely a fan at four years.)

I’ve included a photograph of the original below.

What I know
What you are
how I wonder
what you are
said a friend
to a other friend
now I know what you said
so they played in the yard

mother came out and said it’s lunch time
it was darkness then so they went bed

but a person said
to a friend
“you can have overnight,
but first you have to call
your mother on the phone.”
Soon she called her mother on the phone
and asked her mother and mother
said yes and said to her mother, “wait a minute”
told friend she could have an

2014-04-01 07.57.30


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