If she- theoretically-
were to half-step
closer like Zeno’s
Paradox, testing
the tension between
two bodies,
which formula would you use to determine
the location (l) at which temptation (t)
overrides acceleration (a) to create
enough force (f) to propel
her across the ground (g) until
the friction coefficient (x) becomes
I never took
a physics class. Did you?

2013-02-11 23.08.25


7 thoughts on “physics

  1. Yes I took physics love it and your title totally drew me in…loved the parallelism for your question ha ha F = GMm/R2, where G = 6.674*10−11 N-m2/kg2

      • lol, but you get the nobel prize for being better written, inherently more interesting and making a point that most people understand! Great job!, nice writing!

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