How to prepare for the Future:

Collect the pebbles of guilt
of resentment
of fear and loss and toss
them over your shoulder
let them scatter
behind you

consider the inevitability of failure
pull the warmth of motivation tight across your torso
take a step

sink trust into your bones
infuse your blood with devotion, introduce
humility to the echoes
of voices that vibrate softly at your core until
your own words rise
above the hum
ready to attempt, to risk, to ask and to insist.


2014-02-22 15.14.16-1


7 thoughts on “How to prepare for the Future:

  1. Sophia,
    This poem is so very appropriate for Camino pilgrims to recite as they leave a pebble they have carried from home at the Cruz de Ferro, about 8 days before entering Santiago de Compostela. Would you be comfortable with my sharing it with the American Pilgrims on the Camino community?
    Best, Ann

    • Thank you. Having recently completed grad school myself, that makes me happy that it resonated with you.

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