chutes and ladders

Most days are breakfast
gulped, lunches packed, sunscreen
slathered, dinner served, lights
out routine-tame.

Some days every step is chutes
and ladders, conversations become
shouting matches, nothing
is where you left it, the dog
gets sprayed by a skunk right at
bed time and at 2am you find yourself still
doing laundry.

But there are also crystal
moments when the room is full of
music, when everyone agrees
the joke is funny, when the offers to help
outnumber the requests and an empty
lap becomes a willing pillow
for a sleepy head.

2013-07-20 21.06.40


3 thoughts on “chutes and ladders

  1. I love this piece and I am amazed at the amount of talent seeping out of it. This is truly one of the most refreshing things I have read by far. Never let anyone stand in your way from doing the thing you love because this poem is a wondrous gift shining with incandescent light, perfectly bound together with delicate emotions and simple pleasures and the fact that you can write this is astounding. I honestly hope that you never stop writing. 🙂

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