The purpose of this blog is to keep myself accountable to writing on a regular basis. I am the sole author, and all texts and photographs are my own original work unless otherwise stated/cited.

The world is rarely linear and life is rarely predictable. Poetry helps me to make sense of chaos.

I write my poems from all different perspectives, including those of fictional characters, acquaintances and strangers. I find it liberating to sometimes put myself in another’s position and write from what I imagine their perspective might look like. I do also write from my own experiences as well.

The three writers who have been my primary inspirations are Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, and Max Regan.

Otherwise, I’m a big fan of social justice, radical acceptance, and dark chocolate.
I’m also a social worker.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled here accidentally, and I’m so glad I did- your words are absolutely beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve been swept away into the magic of poetry- and you brought me back to that place where I first fell in love with the power of carefully chosen line breaks… too many years have slipped away. I’ve got a huge smile on my face, and quite a few neglected books on my shelf to go pay a visit to. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. It is a privilege to read your poetry. You clear a path into extremely important territory. Reading your poems is like watching Rod Miller, who has with precise care delicately balanced the soundboard on a violin, pick it up and, oh, the music that come out of it…

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