Versatile Blogger Award // Seven Things Poem

So, I was recently nominated by A House of Pomegranates ( for the versatile blogger award. Thank you very much for the recognition and appreciation of my poems!

The rules stipulate that I share seven things about myself and then pass the nomination on to 15 other blogs. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I’ve written a poem that includes seven things about myself. Here it is:

Seven Things and then Some

Youngest in a family of
six and a native
of New England, she prefers the quiet
Grey of dawn to the
Deep silence of
Midnight. She sleeps with windows open and dreams
in German, but speaks
With her eyes and laughs
Like a child. She
Delights in the magic of
A good view, is held captive by
The grasp
Of a baby’s fist and when the world
Feels hazardous, she soothes
Her soul with the strings
Of her guitar.

I’m also supposed to nominate another 15 blogs, but frankly I don’t follow that many blogs and so in the interest of passing along the honor within the next millennia, I am nominating eight blogs that jumped out at me for their versatility. So, without further ado…

My nominations for versatile blogger are:

Line of the Week (
Perception (
This Above All… (
The Better Man Projects (
Snoring Dog Studio (
Make me a Sammich (
Zooky World (

Go check them out!

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